Advise ZFS to write file to the slower part of HDDs

As far as I know almost all HDD rotate at constant angular velocity. And get written from outside to the inside. And the outer blocks give approximately double the sequential read speed than the inner ones.

I am using Linux and ZFS with HDDs. I know that there is a way to advise Linux about certain file access patters so it can optimize while writing (e.g. expect random reads, expect this not to be read soon bypassing caches) etc.

Is there any way to advise ZFS on Linux to, if possible, prefer writing a file to the slowest part of the HDDs?

This should be prossible with partitioning, but I don’t think this is the dogmatic way on ZFS, right?

This isn’t directly possible (although ZFS itself has some built-in optimizations for rotating media), and chasing it yourself is much more likely to cause you issues than solve them. If you really want to solve latency issues in 2023, that’s what solid state media is for.