Is there a way to send messages?

Hi! Just curious if there’s a way to send messages to users (specifically @mercenary_sysadmin :grinning:). I’m trying to work out some bugs in my user/profile and I can’t figure out if I’m just missing the interface for sending messages.


Yep! Just click the “Message” button on the pop-up div you get when clicking a username.

I’d show you an example, but your third profile is still bugged, as witness the fact that trying to click your username (or the “show email” button in the admin interface, or your public profile) just spins and spins forever without doing anything. So, uh… I’ll show you an example in a minute, after I visit another thread so I can get a screenshot for you! =)

You can also use the “Messages” link on the left-hand sidebar, if you prefer:


@mercenary_sysadmin that plan sounds good. Shoot me an email (either of my registered addresses will work) when we have a functioning profile…