Any advice for getting ZFSBootMenu running on an old HP box?

Hi everyone, I’m trying to install OpenZFS on root with Ubuntu 22.04 + ZFSBootMenu on an old HP ProDesk to use as a small home server.

Got all the way thru the official ZFSBootMenu instructions and hit a snag at first boot. It seems that the HP UEFI BIOS doesn’t like ZFSBootMenu with Secure Boot enabled.

Anyone know how I would go about signing the EFI image (which I thought was already signed) with keys that HP likes or modifying the install to work with Secure Boot? I don’t want to turn that off if I can avoid it.


ZFSBootMenu images can’t be signed with any default secure boot signing keys; those are all controlled by Microsoft, Apple, etc. The pre-built EFI is securely signed with signify just to indicate that it came from someone in control of the ZFSBootMenu signing keys - namely the ZFSBootMenu development team. This lets you know that the release was built on my machine or ahesford’s machine.

We currently do not have any guides on integrating the pre-built EFI with SecureBoot, though I imagine that the steps documented on The rEFInd Boot Manager: Managing Secure Boot would also translate reasonably well to working with zfsbootmenu.EFI.