Any experiences with this Controller?

I have a minipc beelink eq 12, and i need sata controllor for my zfs installation

someone used this:

it’s very confortable for me but i am worried about small chipset.

Any experiences?

Alternative i nvme->pcie 4x and use standard pcie card.


Googling for the controller (ASM1166) gave me the following two links (I stopped looking after that)

ASM1166 on TrueNAS (which is rather negative, but the users don’t seem to have actual experience with it)

reddit thread on r/Datahoarder where a reflash with a specific ASM driver helped getting it to work under Windows 11.

Sounds like you don’t have an empty PCIe slot, otherwise the ‘standard answer’ is to recommend an LSI 9[2345]xx-based HBA.