Both of the drives in my mirror has critical issues

one drive works great but makes a horrible grinding like sound example and the other has went offline i dont know when but probably not very long ago .
when i do “zpool import poolname” it says the drive has an I/O error but i can still mount it but will result in data loss.
while the other drive has a copy of the pool in perfect condition i dont know if its worth to risk the data and drive (until i can replace it) right now when the second drive has a bad copy.
i do have enough drives that work (at least i think) to backup my pool to but its 1tb drives 1 is a different make and model and the others are 500gb that are also different make and model and all of the drives are pushing on 7 years now.
what do i do in this situation?
both of the drives in my pool are WD40EZAX still under warranty as they are less then a year old

full zpool import error

cannot import 'storage' : I/O error
       Recovery is possible, but will result in some data loss.
        Returning the pool to its state as of Wed Jul  3 12:17:17 2024
        should correct the problem.  Approximately 19 seconds of data
        must be discarded, irreversibly.  After rewind, at least
        one persistent user-data error will remain.  Recovery can be attempted
        by executing 'zpool import -F storage'.  A scrub of the pool
        is strongly recommended after recovery.

Online the pool and start backing up your data.


Friendly advice: you’re learning the hard way why storage people advise folks not to use cheap desktop drives. What you’ve got is what you’ve got, but the next time you’re selecting drives, I’d strongly recommend actual NAS drives–Seagate ironwolf or WD Red Plus.

I’m not saying that from a snooty place. I learned the hard way too! :cowboy_hat_face:


thank you.
i will go get 2 4tb ironwolfs to have the same config as my current nas and see what i can do about my 2 cheap desktop ones

Maybe keep the two cheap desktop drives, and use those as backup for your main pool? Backup is important, and you could easily have lost everything instead of only losing 19 seconds’ worth of data if things had gone slightly different this time.

If you don’t already have a second computer to put them in, you can pick up an insanely cheap refurbished desktop PC off Amazon for $150 or less, and put them in that. (Eg: Those of us who don’t need Windows 11 support can pick up great deals on PCs that don’t have it these days!


update: i just came back from the store i got the hard drives from, they ordered the ironwolf drives (they dont keep them in stock), and tomorrow im bringing them the one that failed mechanically and after they get the ironwolf drives i will move the data from the one with I/O errors to the ironwolf and then give them the second wd blue for the RMA.

currently the nas is disconnected from power until i get my new drives.

again thank you for your fast replay

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