Can I/Should I migrate from Ubuntu to Proxmox?

Okay, so here is what I currently have working:

  • zfs root ubuntu, zfsbootmenu
  • three zfs pools, one for root (mirrored SSD), one for an fast access (single NVMe), and one for media storage (three raidz2 vdevs {23 rotational drives}, log mirrored on SSD, cache on NVMe, triple mirrored special on SSD, one hot spare)
  • 14-16 docker containers for vpn, *arr, plex, local databases, etc
  • 128G of ECC ram
  • NVIDIA RTX 3050

This all works great. I hate Windows, but like games. So I have a windows laptop around to play some games that aren’t available on macOS. I was thinking, I could use Proxmox, make a VM of my current setup, and then I could make a VM for Windows, run my games there and use Steam Play to actually play them on my macbook.

Is it possible to split the 3050 to work both in the Windows VM and the linux VM? Can I easily create a VM from my existing root pool? I have space that I can zfs send the root pool to the media pool and completely replace those drives with Proxmox.

I wouldn’t recommend it. What are you hoping to get out of moving to Proxmox? It sounds like you’ve already got a better version of everything it offers, by way of having done everything for yourself on a less specialized distro.

Even if what you want is to do Windows gaming in a VM, you don’t need to migrate to Proxmox for that. Just set up KVM on your existing distro, it ain’t hard.

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I’m a fan of Proxmox. I use it at home and at work; it does what I need and there’s a great community and solid documentation. That said, I think if you’ve already got infrastructure that you’re happy with, why change?

It sounds like you’re already most of the way toward having exactly what you want. If there’s something in particular you’re after, there are probably ways to do it without a fresh install of your server.