Can't resume a ZFS incremental replication

I am having a problem with a backup I’m working on. It sent a good chunk of the incremental replication and then died for reasons that are unclear. All I saw on the sending end was “signal received” and the receiving end just said it got a partial stream. This is being sent from TrueNAS Core to TrueNAS Scale.

I had used zfs recv with the -s tag so it gave me a command I could use to resume, which I attempted.

Unfortunately, I got this message:

receiving incremental stream of data/containers/onlyoffice@daily-2023-07-02_00-00 into backup1/zpool1@daily-2023-07-02_00-00
cannot receive resume stream: kernel modules must be upgraded to receive this stream.

This is odd since the receiver has a NEWER version of OpenZFS, so I’m not sure why it thinks I need an update. Is this a bug? How do I get past this?

That error message basically comes up whenever the kernel modules complain about what you’re sending, regardless of why. I wish it was more precise, but you’d need to find examples of when it breaks and plumb better error output from them…

I’d report a bug to TrueNAS, really, and see what they say.

First step is definitely trying to get matching zfs library versions, if you want to chase down the resume option. But it might be more sensible to give up on the resume and just restart the replication, if this is a one time thing.

ixSystems doesn’t use vanilla openzfs releases. They like to backport features and generally mess around a bit, which results in fairly common issues when trying to move data around–particularly in terms of importing pools into something else, but occasionally with replication also.

A bit ironic that they’ve apparently caused an issue replicating between their own projects, but not entirely a surprise, either.