Could we get some award emojis going to support the site financially?

Since the old not-to-be-named site is doing away with the current emoji award system, I have unsubscribed and will not be giving them any more of my money. If emoji-awards for posts and comments can be implemented here, I will happily start a monthly donation subscription to help defer server and hosting costs. Thx

How would you want that to work? We do already support monthly donation subscriptions via Patreon:

Currently, the Patreon sub gets you a a few things: you get a title showing that you’re supporting the site, you get a hard-drive-icon flair on your avatar, and you get access to a Supporter’s Lounge section (which, to be fair, nobody’s actually posted in yet).

I’m absolutely open to talking about other ways to support the site. If the current sub plan doesn’t float your boat, tell me more about what would. :slight_smile: