Critical OpenZFS bug causing data corruption (2006? - 2023 [v2.2.1])

A critical bug in OpenZFS has recently been discovered to cause silent data corruption, filling data with zeroed-out chunks. This bug seems to mainly affect versions 2.1.4 through 2.2.1, although it may date back as far as the year 2006. It seems to be extraordinarily rare but may still probabilistically affect data. It came to light as a result of the new block-cloning feature, which has been suggested to increase the risk of data corruption, but later evidence showed it affects versions prior to the introduction of that feature as well. A patch was recently released in 2.2.2 to address.

Of course, the new patch could introduce its own bugs as well, but this seemed like important news to promulgate.

I was surprised no one was discussing here, so I thought I would post.

Explanation by rincebrain
Patch notes by tonyhutter
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