Differences between Debian and Cent/RHEL implementations?

If you were looking to migrate a simple file server running zfs from #Alma or #Cent to #Debian, what are the differences you’ll trip over?

Does automount work the same?
Are systemd timers set up automatically to scrub etc?

Comments appreciated…

There shouldn’t be any differences; the distros you mentioned all use DKMS built openzfs. If you’re using packages from the distro itself, keep an eye on the major/minor version of openzfs, but I wouldn’t expect to see anything significant.

If you were putting Ubuntu in that list, I’d warn you that you’re much more likely to see differences between canonical’s repackaging and upstream–although even there, that usually just means different version numbers for the most part (and difficulty in getting DKMS from upstream running on Ubuntu, since Ubuntu kernels have their own, potentially conflicting ZFS headers built in).

I would not expect any real differences in scrub timing. By all means, drag a hairy eyeball across it, but I’ve been seeing default scrub schedules of every two weeks everywhere for a while now.