Good news, everyone!

Well, goodish, anyway. As many of you have no doubt found out the hard way, I took a shortcut when I set up the site, and had the DNS for and point to the same IP address.

Since Discourse is deployed as an entire stack via Docker, this made it not very practical to try to dig inside the container to set up multiple vhosts; so we wound up with an SSL certificate mismatch for anybody who went to the bare domain name instead of to discourse dot practicalzfs dot com.

I do eventually have plans for much more “stuff” on the site than just the forum, with articles and documentation and so forth. But for the meantime, I have at least gone ahead and set up a new vhost on one of my other webservers to host a simple redirect here.

The TL;DR? We still don’t have all that fancy extra stuff like static articles and documentation and what have you, but NOW, at least anyone going to will get a matching SSL certificate along with their immediate redirection here. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the effort on keeping the forum up.

If this is going to be a community effort I’d be happy to throw some time in and contribute back if I have anything that would be beneficial