Greetings from Thanson

Hi! Don’t know if this counts as noise, but I figured I’d make an introductory post.

I’m a 20-something embedded software engineer who likes to self-host. I use Linux for my laptop and NAS, with ZFS on both.

While I wasn’t involved in Reddit, I heard about this Discourse instance while lurking in the Late Night Linux Telegram group. I decided to join to show my support for the community as it tries to find its legs outside of Reddit.

I don’t know how active I’ll be on here, as life gets busy. But hello!

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Welcome! Good to see you here. :slight_smile:

Welcome! What flavor(s) of Linux do you run with ZFS?

Don’t forget FreeBSD folks. They get kinda cranky when you call their favorite OS a “Linux distro.” :upside_down_face:


Oh for sure. I was just responding to Thanson’s mentioning that they use Linux on their laptop and NAS above :slight_smile:

I’m running Arch, Ubuntu, and TrueNAS myself. BSD love too :heart:

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I run Arch Linux on my laptop, NAS, and Vultr VPS. The laptop and VPS are both ZFS-on-root, and I think the NAS uses an ext4 boot drive. I do the DKMS package and use the LTS kernel since it breaks less often (occasionally I’ve seen incompatibilities just due to how new of a kernel Arch ships).

At a past employer I deployed some Debian storage servers with ZFS storage and ext4 boot drives.

Of course, I use Sanoid/Syncoid on all of them (thanks @mercenary_sysadmin :slight_smile: )!

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Very cool, I have Arch on my laptop and workstation as well. (Gentoo refugee :laughing:) Running Sanoid on the workstation but I need to investigate Syncoid now :smiley: