Help - Sanitize this Proxmox quote - Lenovo - will it run :-)

I need help in sourcing a mainstream decent mainsystem single Proxmox server ( will be running V8x).

I got this quote:

That “Thinksystem” controller is really a Broadcom MegaRAID 9560 series, and those do support JBOD mode, so you should be fine. You might or might not need to reflash it with generic firmware; I don’t have any direct experience with Lenovo-flavored versions of it and sometimes OEMs will do their own version of a firmware which omits features the OEM thinks are “unimportant.”

Just make sure you can add and address the disks individually, WITHOUT needing to do things like create “single drive RAID0 arrays” in order to, and you’ll be fine.

Looks like a decent box from here, although it’s difficult to say since you haven’t said anything about the expected workload.