I think I killed my server. storage issues (novice...) please help

Hi guys, I think i made a terrible mistake (novice… first timer).
I think I installed one of the VM on the disk where proxmox is installed and it ran out of space because of another mistake and no everything is stuck.
I cant shut down the full vm (i get error messages like “closing file ‘/var/log/pve/tasks/active.tmp.108587’ failed - No space left on device (500)”)
I cant make changes to the proxmox server because I get similar messages depend on what I try to do…

I am trying to avoid re-installing everything, but I tried searching google and followed several youtube videos. nothing helped…
I did found out that I have an entire hard drive that I missed during the installation, and I managed to ruined that also, i tried to fdisk it before I cleared it from proxmox.

Please guys help me with these 2 things:
restore my system back to work
get my second hard drive to be availble for the server

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  1. Probably quicker to reinstall. Pull the disks that comprise the pool while doing this.
  2. No way anyone can suggest a better solution with no more description of your system than “I think i made a terrible mistake” and “No space left on device (500)”
  3. ZFS is resilient to power failures. The filesystem where Proxmox is installed - EXT4? - is also relatively resilient. Hold the power button long enough to power down (8-20s), cross your fingers, disconnect the pool drives and reboot.

I’m assuming that Proxmox is not installed on your storage pool.

Good luck!

I am also a rookie. An easy rookie solution for me was booting with a live-cd in an USB, mounting the file system in that live-os, moving VM files around and reboot. The culprit VM crashed, then I pointed to the new mounting points and worked great.
I was not using ZFS, but I guess the principle is the same. Hope it works. It was a 10minute fix.