Intro: Bob (and filler to make topic >15 characters)

Hello! As mentioned in the topic header my name is Bob.

I mostly found my way here by way of Jim’s podcast “2.5 Admins” but also by all the shenanigans and idiocy going on in the reddit ownership’s leadership.

I guess you can say I’m kind of an old fart when it comes to IT. I’ve stayed technical throughout my career and still like to “keep the dirt under my fingernails” when it comes to computer systems and networks. Unix was my first love and I try to do as much as possible on Linux professionally and personally.

Dayjob mostly leans into the generalist realm from strengths I’ve picked up over many years on playing with the moving parts in varying degrees (ie: sysadmin, networking, firewalls, crypto, tooling, etc.) Personal, is a rackfull of equipment in the basement I’ve managed to inherit from dayjob that consumes waaaay too much electricity.

I still LOVE learning about stuff, especially in the computer realm so this is why I am here. Based on Jims musings on the 2.5 admins podcast, I believe this will be a great place for that. Hopefully, I can give some back as well.

Thanks for reading,


Welcome, Bob! Good to see you.