Intro: Kneutron

Hi, refugee from the Reddit forum here. Been using Linux since 1997 and ZFS since ~2012(?) as far as I can remember. Started out using ZFS on FreeBSD, and when Samba started working reliably with it, switched my backup server to Ubuntu 14.04 - and it’s been Linux+ZFS ever since. Currently the backup servers are running MX21, but Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is a close 2nd.

Just started sharing my github repo a couple of years ago, but it’s got a wealth of practical code in it for ZFS, Virtualbox, general sysadmin scripts - and even some “windoze”-related stuff. I am not a Windoze person anymore by nature since ~Win7 died off, but there are some useful things you can do with it. After picking up “powershell for sysadmins” it doesn’t make my brain hurt to think in Powershell anymore…

Feel free to ask questions and offer up ideas for feature improvements :wink:


Welcome! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: