Introduction: JanHolbo

Hi Guys’nGals!

I have joined this Discourse server today. I found out about it through 2.5 Admins, which I have been following for some time new - not sure how long.

I am currently running a Proxmox server on a Lenovo Tiny, which I Hopefully will be able to migrate to system based upon a power efficient system with more storage and PCIe slots than I have currently. I chose this system partly for its low power draw, partly because it was available to me.

Boot and base storage is an NVMe. Data storage is currently a 4 GB 2.5" Seagate SATA drive and a USB 8TB 3.5" Seagate drive - both spinning rust - in a mirror. I know USB is far from ideal, and it has “fallen off” the system currently - but it is what is currently possible. I am looking into what I can do both at the moment and in the future - but my funds are limited currently.

I have yet to read any posts, but look forward to doing so!

I am based in Denmark.

Thanks in advance to the Mods and to Jim for setting up this server! And to all of you for posting interesting questions and insightful replies!

Have a great day wherever and whenever you are!

Jan Rasmussen
aka JanHolbo