Introduction: McMonster

Hello, I’m just a software engineer working a rather boring web development job for big corporations.

I’m running my small home server infrastructure consisting of an OpenWRT router, one main server running entirely on ZFS since last month and one remote ZFS backup box… and my old server that’s effectively reduced to a NAS because I’m too lazy to move the drives to the new server.

Just wanted to say that I appreciate the effort put into creating and maintaining this forum. I’ve only posted once, but wrote multiple drafts already. It will never cease to amaze me how useful it is to write down the problem which results in arriving at a valid conclusion without actually posting.

I’m looking forward to writing more insightful drafts without needing to post most of them.


I really need to follow this advice. With the exception of one topic I created here, I’ve ended up discovering the solution within half an hour or so of posting my question. And more often than not, I just had to reread the man pages a second or third time to catch what I missed the first several times.

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