Is it possible to connect a LSI2308 to more than 8 SATA drives?

Is there something that lets you connect a LSI2308 to more than 8 SATA drives and lets you hot swap drives? If so, what do I need to search for on google?

(Background: I have a LSI2308 PCI card which is attached to 8x SATA hard drives (2x 4 drive RaidZ2) and I am looking to attach a couple of spares or a mirror SLOG)

A SAS expander would let you do that.

(SATA port multipliers A) work badly and B) don’t work with LSI HBAs, period, based on the experience of a friend who bought some once.)


A note for those unfamiliar with SAS expanders: yes, they allow you to connect more drives… but connecting more drives via SAS expander will not typically improve performance, and may even degrade it somewhat.

That’s because a SAS expander just lets you connect more drives–it doesn’t give you any more controller bandwidth (or even per-port bandwidth) along with them. Basically, it’s the same reason using a power strip to plug more devices into an outlet won’t get more than 15A out of a 15A circuit.


But if you are just looking to go to ~12 drives, an expander will be perfectly fine here.

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Hot swap ability also depends on how the drive is actually connected, so the enclosure/backplane itself.

Don’t forget about the SATA ports on the motherboard. Some motherboards support hot swap (still assuming a hot swap friendly enclosure/backplane).

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IME, the majority of mobo SATA chipsets support hotswapping–although annoyingly, they frequently have the ability disabled by default in BIOS/UEFI, where it must first be enabled.

SATA 2, I believe, started hard requiring that be supported, though SATA 1 you could sometimes do it.