Is it time to get back to Reddit?!

The communities are back, and the subs are active. Why not returning ?

It doesn’t work well to visit a different website for each topic.

I’m not returning for the same reasons I left in the first place. If you need a refresher on what those were, you’ll find at least one post on the topic stickied on my user profile there, and IIRC still stickied to the top of the sub as well, in the “So Long and Thanks For All the Fish” post.


I’m happy with the community that is building here.


I’ve always found Reddit inferior to forums like this. It’s much easier to bookmark and follow topics on a forum, and I get an email notifying me of new replies so I can search my emails in future if I need a reminder about where I can find a particular answer.

On Reddit, because there’s so many different subs for different things, I end up saving thousands of posts and its very hard to find a particular post again in future.


Another vote of appreciation for Discourse and this website. I enjoy the email summaries I get here, and having a place focused on ZFS topics is refreshing.

Without Christian Selig’s Apollo app, I gave up posting to Reddit. And with Reddit selling its users posts to LLM companies to train models on… seems unlikely in the future I would even need to visit the site when searching for answers.

Hoping the community here continues to grow over time.


No one stopping you if you want to go back.

However, reddit has proven that they don’t give a single flying f**k about their user base.

I’d actually be happy if forums made more of a comeback. I’m not super fond of reddit or discord as support communities.


I know, I don’t know why everyone loves discord. It is so hard to search and find anything.


Discord is for fevered, ephemeral shitposting. And it’s good for that! Anything more serious… eh.


While I am not super active on here, I find it enjoyable to just read which Reddit had turned into impossible to do. Also everyone has been calm, even when I ask things that are probably answered in the manual.