Monitoring TrueNAS

Specifically TrueNAS Scale, in my case.

I recently had a drive fail, and it was nearly a week before I noticed… email notifications failing me. Thankfully I was able to avoid having to restore from backup, replaced the drive, and the resilver went well.

As Jim has stated before, email notifications are not reliable enough…

I’ve gone through the steps to get NRPE and Sanoid installed on Scale, but I’m curious how everyone else is doing it. What are you using to monitor your TrueNAS systems?

Next time I rebuild this server I’m likely going with just raw Ubuntu and I’ll configure everything myself. I’m finding these prebuilt appliance operating systems a bit too limiting now. Not worth going through re-configuring all my shares on SMB and NFS at the moment, however.

Hopefully this NRPE install doesn’t get wiped next time I do an update. D:


Sounds like you don’t need MY input on this one. :smiley:


Haha. Honestly TrueNAS has been losing my interest for a while. I started with Core because it had some sweet built in apps and manages all my storage needs, moved to Scale because I needed compatibility with the latest Intel integrated graphics, but the Scale app ecosystem is one of the worst implemented things I’ve ever seen.

So needlessly complicated and so many interesting ways it can break.

It’s at the point where I literally spend more time troubleshooting these applications that are supposed to be one click installs, than I would have if I just took the time to install the thing by hand.

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yeah, that’s where I generally land on NAS distros as well (and TrueNAS specifically).

the pre-done work making Samba play nice with Windows Explorer and file permissions makes a NAS distro worth it sometimes, but I generally go with XigmaNAS in those cases. It dispenses with pretty much all the bells and whistles and fluffy interface, and just gets on with doing NAS stuff as quickly, cleanly, and low-overhead-ly as possible. My kinda system.


Yeah, I’ve looked at XigmaNAS, but I don’t think it would have support for hardware transcoding with an Alder Lake iGPU. (This box doubles as my home media server.)

I’m also not anywhere near as familiar with FreeBSD as I am with Linux. I’ve messed with it a bit because of PfSense / OpnSense, but that’s about it.

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I was about to ask if you’d ever encountered a nagios command running sanoid --monitor-health randomly timing out, but I think I’ve fixed it by extending the wait time for the check_nrpe command to 20 seconds.

The command was taking a bit longer to execute sometimes.