Nagios category?

Any interest in setting up a Nagios category? I wouldn’t mind a place to share tips and tricks. :slight_smile:

Just came to mind as I was writing a new plugin for my own use - I’m aware Nagios Exchange exists but… ehhhhhhh.

I’ve been working on this a lot this week - found out the hard way that one of my plugins I wrote had a pretty serious bug that caused me to miss something (thankfully nothing super critical like storage!)


I for once would be really interested ! Perhaps a more broad category such as “Monitoring ZFS” would be even more inclusive. I’m well aware that Nagios is often suggested as a pertinent tool for the job, but surely there can be alternatives (I’ve recently take an interest for Checkmk which seems compatible with Nangios plugins).

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count me in!
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Good call, and done. There is now a “Monitoring” category.