Need help with my home system design - from r/proxmox

Hello, at the moment I have a system with very limited resources (i7 laptop with 8gigs) Im waiting for 2* 8tb segate drives to be my nas drives. I’m planning to move to a PC with i5 9400 and 8gigs Right now the proxmox has home assistant os and Open media vault with not much on it. I want to move my system to containers and would love a thought about the design. Container 1: homeassistant and esp home and smart home Dockers. Container 2: unifi network controller and pi hole and network related Dockers. Container 3: just smb share with the 2 drives as zfs drive that proxmox will manage and might add rsync later on. I’m planning that the containers will use the smb share as they’re all on the same machine and I think VirtIo will be fast enough for them to access the shared folder to save the logs and data for each docker. also i want to have tailscale to access it remotely, so should i add this for each container or one with network routes?
edit: also i would have plex should i have it with the smb container or somewhere else?