*NEW* Need help getting a network drive shared over windows onto my proxmox server

Hello, I am pretty new to the proxmox world. I have gotten around well up to this point but I have kind of hit a brick wall and I am hoping I could get some help. For a while now I have been running a Plex server from my PC with no issues. However I have really been wanting to use my PC for other things than being constantly dedicated to Plex. I have also gotten my hands on a server that Im hoping will work well for Plex once I get it all figured out. So far I have gotten proxmox on the server and I have set up a Plex LXC to the point where I am setting up Plex in a web interface and need access to my media storage. Due to only having one extra bay on the server and having a particular need to have the media on my windows computer I have created a network share from my windows PC of the drives that I want on proxmox. My issue now is accessing the network drives on the Proxmox server. Feel free to PM me, any help is GREATLY appreciated