New tabs not opening when expected


  1. at category
  2. Control-click a topic


  1. the topic in a new tab

Actual result

  1. no additional tab
  2. in the existing tab, unwanted navigation away from the category


  1. switch from redditish, to Default or Discourse Classic
  2. browse back
  3. Control-click the topic


It seems to work (open a new tab) as long as you click on the body of the topic, rather than the title text.

click on the body of the topic,

Unless I’m missing something: the body is invisible in category view. So, like, the bug bites before that workaround to the bug becomes possible.

I’ve been using a modifier key for decades. It’s extraordinary to find a site that works against the keyboard in this way.

It’s much easier to use a compatible theme, than to adopt a peculiar habit.

I’m not sure I understand. I’m in redditish, and I can Ctrl+click to open a new topic in a new tab just fine. You click on the preview body of the topic (as long as it’s on text and not an image), and it seems to work.

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On the Category page, Ctrl+click within the red box as in the example above.

(Red box is my emphasis.)

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My bad,

I forgot to switch to redditish. Oops.

Unfortunately, not a workaround where (as you mention) the preview omits text.

The uppermost of the two below, for example:

That’s fair. I suppose I haven’t seen too many posts with images, so I didn’t even notice it didn’t work on them until earlier.