New to this and looking for install opinions. Should I install Scrypted in Proxmox or In Home Assistant that is running through Proxmox?

Hello all,

As the title says I am very new to this and I’m trying to figure out if it’s better/more beneficial to run/install Scrypted in Proxmox or in Home assistant that is currently installed as a VM through Proxmox? I am currently using a Beelink 12 Pro Mini PC with a N100 Processor to run Home assistant through Proxmox. I’m also currently using and old 2014 iMac that I had in my office to run Scrypted. I would love to be able to run both of these in my new BeeLink mini PC. I’m am really only interested in utilizing scrypted for it’s integration into HomeKit and do not plan on using it as a NVR service as I currently use my Reolink NVR for all of the camera storage.

Are there any efficiency, accessibility, dependability, or security benefits to running it one way vs the other that I should consider? also I am currently running 8 Reolink cameras + a Reolink doorbell camera in scryted with zero latency issues. Will this little mini PC be up for the task?

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I’d be inclined to run the addon for HA. since it’ll expose a pile of sensors that you can use for automations.

As for it being up to the task, well, I’d tend to think instantiating it under HA would use less resources than standing up an entire VM for it independently. It wouldn’t be hard to test both cases and see which one works, both methods are easy to remove and probably even run simultaneously if you wanted.