[newb] [v8] Creating my first VM - how to access iso?

I’m new to the Proxmox system and I’m just learning so please bear with me.
I want to create a VM (my first). When I go to create it in the OS tab I have 3 options

  • Use CD/DVD disc image file (iso)
  • Use Physical CD/DVD Drive
  • Do not use any media
    I select Use CD/DVD disc image file. Instead of allowing me to just browse for the file it only allows local storage and then select the image. The host has 2 drives, the OS and a second drive. Only the OS drive is shown for storage.
    If I can’t just browse, how can I put the ISO onto the non OS drive so I can select it?

You need to have already uploaded the ISO the data store in order to use it. Click on the local storage item in the sidebar and then choose the ISO option. There you can upload an ISO save to your computer or download one with a link. Once that’s done you’re ready to choose the ISO as you create your VM.

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Thanks. What threw me off was the pull down list and being able to pick multiple items. That interface logic isn’t common and I just didn’t see it (duh).