Odd limitations to Replies

There appears to be a ~600 character limit to replies, and additionally it seems like white space formatting is removed from replies. Are these deliberate choices (if so, why?), or just some kind of default that hasn’t been addressed yet?


Surprised me too. It looks like “comments” (replies to replies to a post) are handled separately from replies to a post–it’s the same system stack exchange uses. Which I don’t really love either, but seems to just be the way the voting plugin implemented things.

Discourse was specifically designed not to have any comment threading at ALL, so for the moment I guess we’re taking what we can get.

Non voting posts are managed like old school forum conversations: strictly chronological, with no threading at all.

I think “Answers” and “Comments” are pretty bad nomenclature and frankly are confusing on stack exchange as well. Like I guess comments exist as a way to sorta-kinda have threaded discussions? I like the way the level1techs forums works–no Answers or Comments, just “Replies” to a post. I’m pretty sure the software that Wendell is using is at least based on Discourse, but obviously I don’t know what if any kind of special sauce he’s built into it.