OpenZFS Contact info?

I’ve been looking for an official channel to purchase OpenZFS merch like shirts and stickers to support the project, but I’ve been unable to find any.

So I wanted to reach out to someone officially associated with OpenZFS and ask, Is printing stickers using the official logo through a service like Sticker Mule allowed? I don’t plan to sell any of them. If so, where can I locate the best files to use for this?

Problem is, I’ve emailed and and both emails have been returned with “Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table” errors.

Any advice?

Try asking someone specific: Matthew Ahrens or Brian Behlendorf for example.

Will do! Thank you Jim. Love the 2.5 Admins podcast also!

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Report back to us please. I’d love a sticker whether we put up a shop or have to print ourselves. Maybe proceeds can be donated to the OpenZFS org, assuming it is an org?

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Will do. I reached out to Matt and Brian and we’ll see how it goes. After reading over the brand guidelines, I’m fairly certain that re-use of the logo is allowed for my use case.

Next issue is locating high-resolution graphic files of the logo. Preferably SVG I believe. I’m not a graphics expert, but haven’t been able to find any high resolution versions of the logos (standard and wide-spelling) with a cursory search.


I found the brand guidelines:

This page (About OpenZFS - OpenZFS) says to go ask for reuse by emailing but obviously that is out of date.

Found a SVG on Wikipedia: File:OpenZFS logo.svg - Wikipedia

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Yep I found that SVG and the brand guidelines. The logo on the Wiki is high enough resolution to produce quality stickers I believe, but I’m still after a high resolution of the…“rectangle” version of the logo (for lack of a better term). I’m not sure if one could be created from the .PDF without quality loss.


I was able to get into contact with Matt. Thank you!

Color me a newb to Discourse, but is there any way to send a direct message? I had an out of band question regarding 2.5 Admins that I wanted to ask you.

There is, but you may not have access to it until you’ve participated in the forum a bit more. Discourse is funny that way.

You can hit me on email Jim at jrs hyphen s dot net, or you can dm me on Mastodon if you prefer;