Pcie pass through and wsl2 virtulization a dream?

so i currently have proxmox 8.1 installed on my rig… it is a ryzen 9 7950x with 128 gb dd5 ram 3080ti and 2080ti…
each windows 10 pro vm has access to its respective gpu via pcie pass through… with 7 cores, 60gb, and 145gb of disk. every thing is pretty stable, and the vm function as expected… but i need to also run wsl2 virtualization on said vms, i can get it to work by setting the cpu to host… issue when i change cpu to host, and i start the vm my pcie pass through seems to fail… i get one of the two error codes when i look at the device manager / display adapters; error code 31 or error code 43. ive tried repairing the drivers, ive tried installing new drivers… ive been stuck on this specific issue for like 4 days now… waht am i missing or is this a pipe dream… if this is a pipe dream is there another solution to my problem?

Pipe dream. Nested virtualization is possible under KVM, if specifically enabled, but the performance is utterly abysmal. Nearly as bad as early-2000s software-only virtualization, before CPUs directly supported it.

My question for you is what situation could possibly require you to run WSL2 inside another virtual machine?

What problem are you trying to solve with this?

yea i know the potential performance constrains… however you mentioned specifically enabled… do you mean normal set up cpu: x86-64-v2-AES nested virtualization cpu: host

Yes, that’s the first step, and if you were nesting KVM under KVM, it would typically be the only necessary step. Hyper-V… Well, bless its little heart. It’s a lot more nitpicky.

This is going to be a bit of a journey for you, but this blog post will get you the first several miles down the road: Nested Virtualization - Hyper-V 2019 in qemu-kvm – /techblog