Proxmox 8.0 release with ZFS 2.1.12

Hello all,

just wanted to share that Proxmox released Version 8.0 on June 22 based on the new Debian Bookworm and ZFS 2.1.12 :slight_smile: . Here is the press release Proxmox Virtual Environment 8.0
And here is how to upgrade: Upgrade from 7 to 8 - Proxmox VE
If you run ZFS on proxmox be aware that you have to manually install systemd-boot after the upgrade, see “Systemd-boot (for ZFS on root and UEFI systems only)” in the upgrade guide.


Anecdotal: this went more smoothly than the 6–>7 upgrade did for me.

There were fewer things needed and the system came right up.