Proxmox 8.03 importing an OVA

I have a Proxmox 8.03 system that has two ZFS storage pools called fivetb and tentb. I have an OVA that contains a Debian appliance I am very familiar using on VirtualBox. I’ve tried to install the software on a fresh Debian VM, but it’s a really touchy, complex stack, and the creator has lost interest in it. Importing the OVA is an absolute must.

I found these instructions on importing and I recall trying something like this on Proxmox 7.4 last spring and not being able to make it work. Sorry for the spaces, new user and the system thinks I’m spamming.

i12bretro . github . io /tutorials/ 0387.html

I settled on this for an import command:

qm importovf 666 ./open-semantic-search.ovf fivetb --format qcow2

And I get the following two errors:

warning: unable to parse the VM name in this OVF manifest, generating a default value

invalid host resource /disk/vmdisk1, skipping

This seems to be all the relevant stuff from the ovf file. I put some returns in the DiskSection content so it doesn’t wrap, in the file that’s a single line. The import works as far as memory, cores, etc, but it doesn’t create any storage.

Should be inline, but the system thinks I’m spamming, this is the XML from the ovf file.

This OVA imports cleanly to VirtualBox and I’m exporting it now to see if VB produces something Proxmox will ingest. If it doesn’t is there any sort of a howto that shows what to do to fix problems like this?

It’s funny, I just had to do this last week. You just have to use the tar command to unarchive the OVA and then you’ll be able to use qm importovf with the newly exposed .ovf file. I’m pretty sure there’s an entry on the process on the PVE wiki.