Proxmox 8 on old laptop - getting LAN support - newbie (please be gentle)

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I’ve been using Proxmox to host Home Assistant, on a variety of platforms. however, the most recent one (a Samsung series 9 laptop) has no built-in LAN port, and there doesn’t seem to be any driver for the device I purchased (tp-link UE300). I’ve tried to install their Linux driver, but as a noob, thwarted at every turn. I’d appreciate pointers either on how to get the driver installed, or adapters that are supported out of the box. I’m surprised I haven’t been able to find out more online. Thanks.

I happen to have that same adapter and I just plugged it into my Ubuntu box to see if I could duplicate the problem. It was detected immediately and when I used dhclient it got an IP address from my dhcp server.

I’ll see if one of the proxmox nodes behaves differently. Can you give more details about the problem? Is it not showing up in dmesg? Not getting an address? What does /etc/network/interfaces look like? I think we should be able to sort this one out.

EDIT: I just plugged it into a Dell R510 running PVE8 and it was immediately detected. The output from lsusb shows a “TP-Link UE300 10/100/1000 LAN (ethernet mode) [Realtek RTL8153]”.

OK, here’s the same comment, but with better formatting.

There’s just one line missing. The /etc/network/interfaces should have a line above the iface enx... line that says auto enx... (just like the loopback address above it does). So that section should look like:

auto enx5091e36863e0  
iface enx5091e36863e0 inet manual

I’m a little surprised that your last run of ip -br a didn’t show the USB interface at all, but try making that little change and restarting. Hopefully things will kick into gear.