Raid-Z Expansion

Has there been any further progress on the Raid-Z Expansion feature?

I saw that the pull had been closed, but where are we up to as far as testing and progress into the mainstream?

Is anybody following it?

I think it was merged.

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Thanks, but I wonder what version it becomes available from?

I know it will depend on the different OS builders but for example, the Ubuntu box I’m on now is

  • zfsutils-linux 2.1.5-1ubuntu6~22.04.4
  • zfs mod version 2.2.0-0ubuntu1~23.10.2

I don’t see #15022 mentioned in any of the release notes on github. Based on the date it was merged, I would think it was included in the 2.2.0 release.

It looks like Ubuntu users are out of luck still, even with the new LTS 24.04 according to the Man pages.

Attaches new_device to the existing device. The existing device cannot be part of a raidz configuration. If device is not currently part of a mirrored configuration, device automatically transforms into a two-way mirror of device and new_device. If device is part of a two-way mirror, attaching new_device creates a three-way mirror, and so on. In either case, new_device begins to resilver immediately and any running scrub is cancelled.

I just upgraded from 2.1.14 to 2.2.4. The man page is different now.

Edit: Just realized I posted the wrong man page.
Looks like in 2.2.4, expanding raidz still isn’t possible.

But there was a commit for it.