Remote mount ZFS in PBS?

Does anyone know if it is possible to remotely mount a ZFS enabled account in I’d like to create a Datastore that points to a local mount to my account that I’ve gotten ZFS enabled on.
I’m using a mounted USB drive as a Datastore that I can run sync jobs to via the PBS user interface and would like to do the same with my Rsync account.

Anyone have any best practices to make that happen?

IDK about Proxmox specifically, but one way you could accomplish this goal in general would be via use of sshfs. On Debian or Debian-derived distros, this is an apt install away; apt install sshfs. Once it’s installed:

root@elden:/# mkdir /mnt/ssh
root@elden:/# sshfs -o allow_other,default_permissions root@banshee:/images /mnt/ssh
root@elden:/# ls /mnt/ssh
testfile.txt      unifi-server  win2012R2-demo  Hackintosh
reflinked.txt     ubuntu-ai     Win10-1903      win2016-GOLD

You could definitely use this method to access stuff you’ve backed up to, but how well it would integrate with Proxmox Backup Server I have no idea. Also note, this is not something that will result in ZFS replication backups to ZFS replication enabled If PBS uses an sshfs mount to create backups, as opposed to just to access them to cherry-pick files from, it will just be brute force copying, not replicating.