Restoring VM after fresh install due to hardware failure

First a little background. The computer I was using to run Proxmox died, the motherboard completely failed. In that machine I had two physical hard disks that were mirrored using ZFS. I forgot to set up backups on a different machine. I built a new computer and did a fresh install of Proxmox 8.2.2 and have that working with no issues.

What I was hoping to do was to add the old hard drives to access the VM and move them to the new drive. I was able to import the zfs pool. Using command line I can see data in the pool but can’t locate any of the VMs. Next I added the zfs pool to storage in the datacenter hoping prox would find the VM’s and nothing.

At the command line when I run zfs list, I can see my full list of VM’s.

I see there is no mounting point for them, my assumption is this is why I can’t see them. I can’t find guidance on my next steps. If this is the issue, how do I mount these so that prox can see them?

zfs inherit mountpoint rpool/data/blah, if you just want it to mount beneath its parent dataset (eg, under /rpool/data, where the pool root and the parent dataset of your VMs is mounted).

You should be able to do that recursively (either -r or -R, I forget) if you want. You can also manually set mountpoints directly to whatever you like, eg zfs set mountpoint=/tmp/lmao rpool/data/vm-i-dont-like or whatever.

Usually, when Proxmox creates a disk for a virtual machine, it uses zvols and not datasets.

These zvols do not have a mount point. You should check if you can see your disks in the rpool storage, for example vm103, and then create a new virtual machine and attach that disk to it. At this point, you can access your data directly from the virtual machine.

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