Sanoid install from Ubuntu repo

I am installing Sanoid from the ubuntu repo, and it installs 2.1.5. It sets up the systemd calls and everything okay.

However, at the top of the sanoid README it says that sanoid has to have a defaults config at /etc/sanoid/sanoid.defaults.conf.

However, I do not have a file there after installing sanoid from the Ubuntu repo. It looks like this file is now at /usr/share/sanoid/sanoid.defaults.conf. Is it okay for me to still put my own config file at /etc/sanoid/sanoid.conf? Or should it also go in /usr/share/sanoid directory?

On Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, the default config file is where the README says:

ubuntu@zfs-node1:~$ dpkg -L sanoid
/etc/sanoid/sanoid.defaults.conf ← HERE :slight_smile:

It’s also usually recommended to run the latest version of the OS if possible…