Sanoid on Proxmox

Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone has used sanoid locally installed on proxmox recently? Does it survive upgrades?


I’m also interested to hear this answer!

My backup server runs Proxmox with sanoid/syncoid installed on the host. Works just fine. Just like vanilla Debian, sanoid (which is packaged with syncoid) is in the repos, so it’s just an apt install sanoid to get it installed and upgrading is just apt upgrade. Haven’t seen any issues yet. It’s been a while, but I don’t recall any problems with the jump from PVE 5 to PVE 6 PVE 7 to PVE 8.


I hope you’ve updated since then! PVE 7 is dropping support soon.

Proxmox is usually pretty good about keeping any changes that you’ve made to the base OS, you can even take a base Debian operating system and build it into Proxmox VE if you prefer. Unlike TrueNAS, which loves wiping out anything 3rd party every time you dare to update.

I’ve been using Proxmox Backup Server for the deduplication features, but maybe I should look into using Sanoid and Syncoid for an offsite copy… homelab ahoy!

@mercenary_sysadmin I know you’ve pushed XigmaNAS a few times, do you know if it’s any better about not wiping out 3rd party tools? I may switch if so, TrueNAS makes monitoring things with Nagios annoying.

Good catch on the version numbers! The heat does strange things to the brain.

I don’t know for certain. I’ve only used it in extremely vanilla ways, I’ve never tried to customize it significantly.