Sanoid on TrueNAS Core (FreeBSD)?

Hey all,
I wonder if anyone has found themselves in the same spot I am – I have a ZFS pool on my Linux workstation. I also have a FreeBSD-based TrueNAS Core box, which I use, among other things, as a back up of my Linux workstation pool.

On my Linux I use sanoid to take care of periodic snapshots (the right amount of hourly/daily/monthly/yearly). These are pruned over time by sanoid itself.
I also use syncoid to push the snapshots over to my TrueNAS box. But over there there’s nothing that would prune the old snapshots. Ideally I should be running sanoid on FreeBSD with the backup template. That would clean up the old snapshots.

Has anyone tried to install syncoid on FreeBSD? Does it play well with TrueNAS’s own modifications on top of clean FreeBSD?

Yes, there are plenty of people running sanoid on top of TrueNAS Core (and on FreeNAS, before that).

There’s nothing particularly special IIRC about installing sanoid on TrueNAS as opposed to installing it on FreeBSD; TrueNAS Core offers access to the main FreeBSD repos IIRC, so installing dependencies is the same. Basically, just follow the FreeBSD.readme: