Santa Is Watching: ZFS aware homelab monitoring

“Santa Is Watching” (aka Santa_IW) is a new open-source network monitoring tool with an emphasis on ZFS and network attached storage in a homelab environment. Santa_IW can automatically discover hardware on your intranet and build up a list of appropriate tests which will then run periodically to monitor your network. Santa_IW uses keyed ssh to communicate with monitored nodes, and needs no additional agent installed.

Documentation and installation instructions are on the GitLab wiki at Home · Wiki · Steven Goncalo / Santa Is Watching · GitLab

A Reddit group has been setup for beta test participants at

A brief test drive video is on available at


Looks interesting, but one bit of feedback: the video is >14m long, and I would not characterize that as either “brief” or, really, just a test drive. It might be a good idea to make an alternate edit that fits in only 2-5m and is JUST drilling straight through the interface, with only very brief commentary.

Regardless, thanks for your work, and for sharing it here!

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Guilty as charged. I’ve been pounding on the wiki docs to get everything accurate and up to date, but forgot to go back into elevator pitch mode for the video. It does need to be redone. Helpful feedback, thanks.


Thank you for taking it in the spirit it was offered! <3

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