Showstopper: prevention of replies

@denvercoder9 and all: sorry.

Prevention = disengagement.

Perhaps I don’t understand the post. Are you asking for help?

You’ve posted other replies successfully, did you do something unique that time?

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As far as I can tell, the problem arises from use of a plug-in.

Try replying to, for example. You can’t; there’s no Reply button.


I think its because the original post was a question to which you can either reply with an answer or make a comment.

The reply button you’re looking for is actually called ‘answer’:


Some confusion.

Please note the /4 in the URL that I gave.

No, that would be:

  • an answer to the opening question, /1
  • not a reply to /4

I think thats because you’re not supposed to reply to other peoples’ posts. You can add comments. A reply (answer) is given to the first post.

At least, thats how I think this works but I could be mistaken.


Reddit normally gives people freedom to reply, and linking is well-implemented; each comment has a permalink. Discourse normally gives people freedom to reply, with link capability. Forums normally give people freedom to reply, with link capability. And so on.

I guess, the problem with Discourse here is:

  1. use of the Discourse Post Voting plugin coupled with
  2. an inappropriate default, i.e. the option below (pictured disabled) is enabled.


True, however it seems that the plugin’s implementation of commentary is a very poor substitute for what’s normally expected from a forum:

  1. limited to a few characters
  2. no code blocks, no line breaks, no inline images or previews, and so on
  3. no preview
  4. permalinks are impossible …

I can extend this list of negatives, but hopefully the picture is clear enough: it’s not a roadworthy vehicle. The list of negatives does not combine to create an appropriate medium for discussion.

Last month (I didn’t see this until around ten days later):

who wants to start kicking the tires on this thing?

I’m kicking, now, for the benefit of future users.

Please make the car roadworthy.