Site infrastructure

Hi @mercenary_sysadmin

I know you’ve mentioned before that this site runs on a KVM virtual machine like all of your other servers, but I’m curious how you’re accomplishing that. Are you using nested virtualization at one of the many cloud hosting providers? Or do you just have a server running in a colo somewhere?

Entirely for my own curiosity. :slight_smile:

We’re currently running on a bare metal host at PhoenixNAP. The PhoenixNAP host is running KVM, and has access to a small subnet of public IP addresses which are assigned to a bridge adapter on the host, and the bridge adapter allows the VMs running on the host to tie their virtual NICs to those real public IP addresses.

If we had more budget, we’d have a second hardware host in another datacenter and ideally on another provider, but as it is, I’m paying for around half the hosting costs out of my own pocket (our Patreon supporters’ generous donations make up the other half). So I’m just backing up the images to my own local infrastructure, which in turn means a bit of a delay should I ever need to use those backups in anger, since I’ll have to upload the entire image back out to whatever datacenter has the new host I restore to.

It’s still a HUGE improvement over $5 VMs at linode / digital ocean / whatever!

If we should ever have enough budget for two hosts in separate datacenters, we’ll be doing automated hourly replication between them, and in the event of a datacenter-level outage I’ll be able to simply fire up the most recent hourly at the alternate DC, kick the DNS to point to it, and we’re up and running.


Yeah for sure haha. Far more flexible in what you can do with it since you’re not under whatever hypervisor they’re using under the hood for their VPS.

I think I’ve heard of PhoenixNAP before but wasn’t aware they had a baremetal option.