Site SSL cert does not cover, only

Visiting produces an error in chrome and FF when visiting the site the first time (prior to redirection).

This is of course obviated once one accepts the error, and is redirected to the discourse subdomain. However, adding the primary domain to the cert (or rolling a separate cert for it) should not be too difficult an exercise, and will prevent the error. I don’t know if this would actually drive visitors away.

A cursory scan of topics did not show this issue among them. I searched for ‘SSL’ and ‘Certificate’ using the interface at the top of the site. Nothing relevant appeared.

Thank you for the wonderful site.


Hi! In the short to medium future, I plan to set up a “main” site for Practical ZFS in addition to the forum. Due to the Docker-based deployment of Discourse, that’s going to require an entirely separate VM. In the meantime, I’m living with the cert mismatch. :slight_smile: