Testing ZFS builds

Is this a good place to discuss building zfs? I’m no developer but I did get one bug fixed on the OpenZFS github. I’m more of a serious home hobbyist. Currently, I’m playing with siduction on metal (Debian unstable distribution) and Ubuntu-Preview (mantic 23.10) on WSL2.

So I’m building OpenZFS (2.1.11, 2.1.12 rc3 & 2.2.99) against kernel-lts or stable; and with the MS wsl-config in the latter case, for testing. Is running ztest enough testing, for non-production use? The documentation on ztest is quite lacking. I’ve never used the zfs-test package but I don’t like the sound of “destructive testing”.

Any pointers?

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I would advise doing all the testing, including destructive testing, in a VM dedicated to the purpose. I don’t know exactly what you mean by “non-production use” but when I use that term, I mean “stuff you don’t mind losing at the drop of a hat.” Whereas it seems most home hobbyists misunderstand it to mean “stuff you aren’t making money from.”

Pictures of your significant other / kids / dogs / cats / ferrets / whatever are always “production!”