TrueNAS Scale stuck on boot

My bootup is stuck at ‘ZFS: Loaded module v2.2.2-1, ZFS pool version 5000, ZFS files on version 5’. I’ve tried new installations via .iso of Scale 22.10, 23.10, and even 24.04-BETA to no avail. My original problem was webgui and ssh access dropping out within 24 hours And I thought a fresh install might cure the problem. In this process, because the attempt to go to 24.04-BETA told me my boot pool (a SATADOM 16GB) wasn’t big enough - even after attempting to delete previous versions of Scale on it - I foolishly, perhaps, wiped the SATADOM and since then am getting these ZFS errors. I have tried installing all of the above, too, on a 128GB SSD with the same results. How do I get out of this? Thanks in advance.

P.S. I removed the 3 zpool disks thinking it was the version of ZFS on these that was causing conflict on boot, but the result was the same.

I’m not familiar with TrueNAS to suggest a solution for the ZFS issues.

I have run into similar networking problems. A host would get an IP address at boot but due to misconfiguration it would not renew.

Without knowing more about the TrueNAS situation, I think it might make sense to get back to the version you were using and focus on the network issue. If you can get to that point, look at network configuration on your router (or whatever handles DHCP assignments, if that’s what you’re using) and likewise on your TrueNAS host.

If this setup has been working for a while, what changed to break it? If it is a new installation, then some configuration is not working as desired.

Sorry I can’t offer more.

Thanks for your reply Hank. Your suggestion is exactly what I’m trying to do - reinstall and then use a backup config to get back to where I was. The installation seems to go well, but then the boot process hangs with the above quoted error.

Eventually managed a re-install of 22.12 on a separate SSD - had to pull the satcom on which the OS had sat for many years - and so far all is well. Had to redo my one and only ubuntu vm and two apps, so not too painful. Might upgrade to Dragonfish 24 when the first RC is out. Won’t chance the BETA.