TrueNAS SCALE vs Core Categories?

I have noticed that on Internet forums, “TrueNAS” alone seems to mostly refer to TrueNAS Core, while SCALE tends to have both words. When I clicked on the “TrueNAS” category here, I was surprised to see a TrueNAS SCALE post. I realized I was making a (potentially) poor assumption. If I’m not alone in this pattern of thought, it might be helpful to have one category for each of “TrueNAS Core” and “TrueNAS SCALE” to avoid confusion for other folks.

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I thought about having separate categories for scale and core, and I’m not against it! But I’d like to see how much truenas specific content we’re getting, first. Ideally I’d like not to have things balkanized so much that people who want to see it all have twenty different things to click, most of which have tumbleweeds blowing through, you know?

We could also use tags as an interim step before creating a full category for something.