Use LXC Mount Point in second LXC


I have a Promox server with Nextcloud on LXC Ubuntu in Container 100. For Mass Storage of this Nextcloud I created a mount point (MP0) within this container 100 on an disc which is known to proxomox as Storage dataext.
Now I want to set up a second LXC (Container 101) with PhotoPrism and access the photos uploaded to Nextcloud.

I found about bind mounts, but if I get it right, for this I had to first create the mount in PVE and after that share it to my containers. Is there a way to share the mount point I created within container 100 to container 101?

Have you tried just doing an NFS share from the NC container and put it in the fstab of the photoprism lxc? I can’t imagine you would want two machines sharing a mounted volume at the same time, one of them should manage the mount and share it to the other from inside the LXC or you would encounter all sorts of unmanaged access issues.