Why so many Proxmox related posts?

Some clearly have no relationship to ZFS. Are people just shotgunning (posting on every Linux related forum?)

Edit: apologies for typing Proxmos in the title (fixed now.)

I’m sure others will have better historical perspective than I do, but my understanding is that the mods from the Reddit r/proxmox group came over here after the great exodus. There hasn’t been any other social media-like platform that’s popped up with Proxmox-knowledgeable folks, so I think this may be the de facto replacement.

For those looking for Proxmox help, PVE itself does have a pretty decent forum (forum.proxmox.com) and there’s lots of good info there. Definitely a different vibe, though.

I didn’t start hearing about Proxmos until I started using ZFS. Seems ZFS is a popular choice with it. I haven’t used Proxmos myself, but I get the impression that many people’s first experience with ZFS is through Proxmos.

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Because proxmox users are almost 100% openzfs users these days, and r/proxmox was in the same boat r/zfs was, so I formally invited the main r/proxmox mod at the time to offer that community a place here as well.


Yes, the message on the Proxmox subreddit still reads:

This subreddit has gone Restricted and reference-only as part of a mass protest against Reddit’s recent API changes, which break third-party apps and moderation tools. For immediate help and problem solving, please join us at https://discourse.practicalzfs.com with the ZFS community as well.

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Fair enough. I see there is a Proxmox section so Proxmox users should be welcome here.


I’m a long time OpenZFS user and I’ve found the easiest way to run a ZFS-only system is through Proxmox. I even run it on some systems where I’ve totally disabled all virtualization, just because the Proxmox installer and boot tools are that great.