ZFS Health Check and Snapshot Diff Check with Discord Notifications

If anyone is interested I have made some Bash scripts my Ubuntu servers running ZFS to help me get a better overview of ZFS pool helt status and content changes. This is coupled with Discord webhook notifications so that I can get notified on my phone on scheduled runs. I am no expert on Bash script so I hope you will forgive my childish coding style. Please feel free to test them out for yourself and give me any feedback of things you feel could be improved :+1:

(Health Check)[GitHub - norsemanGrey/zfs-health-check: This Bash script checks the health status on ZFS pools and sends notifications to a Discord channel when issues are detected.]

(Snapshot Diff)[GitHub - norsemanGrey/zfs-snapshot-diff: Bash script for comparing the current content of ZFS datasets with their latest snapshots, identifies changes and optionally sends notifications via Discord.]