ZFS Native Encryption on FreeBSD

I have created ZFS pool using zfs native encryption on FreeBSD. It seems to work fine but I want to be sure that the pool is encrypted. How can i check it?
Is using zfs native encryption on FreeBSD a good idea or should i stick with GELI + ZFS?

Create a dummy encrypted pool using a sparse raw file, put a text file in the pool, then export it. After exporting, grep the sparse file for a (fairly complex) text string from the file you saved to the pool. Now, repeat the same steps with a dummy unencrypted pool. You should see a valid return from grep on the unencrypted pool, and none from the encrypted one.

I’d probably go with ZFS native encryption over GELI. Especially if you’re building a multi disk pool.

The test that @mercenary_sysadmin suggests is good. You can also use the following command to check the properties related to encryption on dataset.

For example given the a test dataset tank/vault:

# zfs get encryption,keylocation,keyformat,encryptionroot,keystatus -o name,property,value tank/vault
tank/vault  encryption      aes-256-gcm
tank/vault  keylocation     prompt
tank/vault  keyformat       passphrase
tank/vault  encryptionroot  tank/vault
tank/vault  keystatus       unavailable

We can see here that the above data set is encrypted with aes-256-gcm; it uses a passphrase to unlock it (keyformat); and that the key is not loaded (keystatus).